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What is your design process?

There's 7 steps that go into the design process.

1. Client Brief: Scope of the Project

2. Research

3. Brainstorm

4. Sketch

5. Concept Development

6. Revisions

7. Completion

After you request an initial quote, I'll get in touch with you with further details and questions about the scope of the project. Expect to hear from me quite a bit and you're always welcomed to check in if you have additional ideas! 

Once I have an initial concept created, I'll send you a proof. I allow up to 3 design revisions (color combinations do not count as a revision). Any changes can be made during that time.

I already have a Logo but its not a vector format. Can you help with that?

ABSOLUTELY! Just send me over your Logo and I can give you a quote to vectorize your image.

How long does an average project take?

The average time is dependent on the complexity of the project.

Typically for a simple Logo design, I'll have something to you in 3-5 business days. While other projects with multiple components may take 7 or more business days.

What do I receive when a project is done?

ALL necessary vector and/or image source files for print and digital platforms. This includes any sizes and color variations agreed upon.

For Logo's and identity packages, you'll also receive a Copyright Transfer Form. 

This form is available to view upon request.

Do you offer Print or Production services?

YES! I work with a team of very talented professionals and can have all your print and/or production needs handled!

I also offer discounted pricing for any design if you use these services!

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